A long-lost NASCAR star reveals why he came back from the dead

Over time, NASCAR has produced stars galore. The latest celebration of NASCAR’s 75 Greatest Drivers showcases the sheer talent in their ranks. Carl Edwards is a NASCAR roster and arguably a forgotten name. But his return to NASCAR has been on the cards for some time now.

He was often questioned about the same, and although he again showed interest in racing, he also constantly expressed concerns about his advancing age. Edwards addressed his increasing frequency of appearances on the tracks, answering questions about his whereabouts.

Carl Edwards on his recent NASCAR races


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Nashville Super Speedway honors you today. Why are we suddenly seeing you at the racetracks again this year?This is the question on every NASCAR fan’s mind. Dalton Hopkins of Frontstretch took it upon himself to pose the question to the legend himself.

The question is appropriate given the circumstances. Out of nowhere, Edwards suddenly became a hotly debated topic. Ranging from a return to leadership to a role as executive officer, many speculations circulated. And Edwards already has an answer to that.

“A couple of reasons,” says the 43-year-old. “First, you know getting those honors is really special for me, and for NASCAR to include me on that list of 75 drivers was really special. Lisa Kennedy called me, and I thought, man…and I love Darlington, okay? So I thought this would be a lot of fun, and I’m so glad I went into the booth with Clint (Boyer) and the guys.”

Speaking about his relationship with track head Greg Hoffman, he adds, “That was really fun, and then he called me up at Nashville Super Speedway, you know, Greg Hoffman. He said, man, we’re doing something special, will you be a part of it? And I’m just something special to me that’s why I’m here. It’s an honor, it was really cool.”

Given Edwards’ enthusiasm for participating in the congratulations, it makes one wonder what it would feel like if he could go back to driving again in the Cup Series.

Edwards’ dilemma about getting back into racing

A few weeks ago, Edwards was apparently convinced of his decision. His statements, if any, indicate that fans have already seen the last of Carl Edwards in a Cup car. He said, “It was easy not to race when I first pulled away, but it got harder. I love sliding things and driving cars. So there will be a time when I go do something. Maybe a sim works, something like that… to see if I can still drive. It’s a step-by-step process.”

Although it indicates involvement in some other aspect apart from being a driver, nothing concrete seems to be the case. But recent developments indicated otherwise.


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After saying yes to a possible opportunity to return to work, then in a strange turn of events, he contradicted the same saying, “For me, I really feel like racing is a risky sport, there are risks involved and if I’m not 100% committed I don’t feel like it’s the right thing for me to do for fun. But I’ll tell you this, if it creeps in and it’s something we’d like in doing, I promise I will give it 100%,”


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His presence at Nashville Superspeedway was something of a party to celebrate Edwards’ impeccable record at the venue. A 6-time winner at the track, Carl must have fond memories of that. Speedway authorities devised the Legend’s Plaza initiative to celebrate drivers and honor the former JGR driver, making him their number one inductee. Although the number of Edwards Cup wins stalled at 28 in 2016 with his retirement, everyone would like to see the legend in action again.

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