A three-team trade involving the Knicks was quickly doused in cold water

Like Rust Cohle smashing a can of Lone Star beer between his palms, offseason rumors are a flat circle for the New York Knicks. Donovan Mitchell trade rumors have been exploding again this season yet vague statement Brian Windhorst made the rounds on the Knicks on Twitter on Tuesday.

While Mitchell’s connections are entirely down to speculation and conjecture, there’s also a reason these rumors still live on. The idea that Mitchell wants to play basketball in New York City is as accurate as a brick in my little back.

This particular reference to emo is poignant here, too. Like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday’s co-written lyrics, Mitchell has been flirting with both bands in New York City. He has been seen in public with people associated with the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

Rumors of a Donovan Mitchell trade were again building for the second straight off-season

If you feel Cleveland traded Mitchell after one elusive successful season, you’re not alone. I’m also not sure how we got back in the same boat.

Windhurst has since come out and made it clear to the Cleveland team Don’t trade Mitchellbut while we live in this world of pure fantasy, let’s get down to it.

nix get

Donovan Mitchell

Sir Othman

Get the bulls

RJ Barrett

Evan Fournier

2024 Wizards first round pick (Top 12 Reserve)

2024 Pistons first round pick (Top 18 Reserve)

Cavaliers get

Zack Lavigne

Obi Tobin

2025 Knicks first round

2027 Knicks first round

The naysayers are already screaming at their computer screens. Why would the Knicks trade in another junior guard and defensive responsibility? Knicks Mitchell didn’t appreciate this high last year. Why would they suddenly increase their supply this summer?

While these pieces are an integral part of the conversation, others are important as well. For starters, Mitchell just played basketball at the First Team All-NBA level while sharing the backcourt with another young guard with a high utilization rate.

Second, according to Hoops Hype, this move would have the Knicks convert RJ Barrett, Evan Fournier, and Obi Toppin, pick a second player from among the league’s ten best players and a third among the twenty best players. Any team in the Eastern Conference could see themselves as a competitor with this mix of players as their core.

It’s still true that Donovan Mitchell will elevate the Knicks to another level in a tight-knit Eastern Conference

For the Cavaliers, they have to sweat. Yes, they just acquired Mitchell, but he only has two years left before a player option on his contract. Whether they wanted to admit it or not, his departure to New York City at that point must have felt very real.

In this deal, they can turn Mitchell into a top 20 player who has four years remaining on contract and works in a position they need. This keeps this team competitive.

They’re taking back two years of draft picks they sent to Utah last summer. In addition, they get the chance to audition for Toppin’ for a year.

The Bulls add a few protected snaps and a young player in Barrett, which is great value for LaVine. Moreover, the move would allow the Bulls to head into the 2024-2025 season with only Barrett’s contract prospect.

Three-team trades are complicated, but this one has enough for each team to make it at least worth a conversation. Mitchell is a marquee prize, but the Bulls and Cavs get players and rationale for their positions.

I don’t know… it might just be the only star talk.

  • Posted on 06/29/2023 at 00:00 am
  • Last updated on 06/28/2023 at 23:27 PM

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