Beautiful Business Ideas by Tobias Harris Houston’s Next Steps and Dray Heading for the Beam?

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The most commonly eaten dessert snack is actually a bowl of cereal.

Grow up fast

What is Houston’s plan now?

Since Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Daryl Morey left Houston, the Rockets have been in a major rebuilding state. Rocket GM Raphael Stone has been navigating and handling the loss stack to keep the odds high in the lottery.

Besides acquiring galore talent in the process, the Rockets are also in control of the Nets situation due to Harden’s deal in 2021, leaving plenty of options to flesh out this list.

Earlier in the year, rumors of Harden’s desire to return to the Rockets were getting louder and louder. They were confusing but they had momentum. As many have noted, these rumors were dispelled as free agency approached. Harden is expected to re-sign with the 76ers, as they try to rearrange their roster to avoid a repeat of another postseason meltdown.

So, what about rockets now? Stay on track with their youth or try to bring in non-Harden talents so the youth can finally play meaningful basketball?

Mark Stein recently wrote about two possible missile targets:

Fred Van Fleet and Dillon Brooks.

VanVleet was linked to Phoenix prior to the Bradley Bell trade. Toronto would still like to keep him, but the Rockets could really rock the boat with a big max width or a near max width. Brooks, Stein wrote, is looking forward to upwards of $12 million. Houston has about $60 million in cap space.

Does this really fix anything? Is Houston convinced her youthful core with VanVleet and Brooks gives a realistic chance even at Play-In? Houston should either focus on development or really start winning at some point. Convincing Hardin that everyone loves a reunion would have made that idea easier to sell.

My great idea for sale? Tagging the sun for update!

The latest from Shams

Phoenix rebuild seat

The Phoenix Suns have trained forward Ish Wainwright’s $1.9 million option to return for the 2023-24 season. the athlete.

This currently leaves the Suns at six contract players entering free agency.

Expect them to be aggressive in trying to get the veterans of the free agent market. With Bradley Bell adding Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, strong interest is expected from veterans looking to impress the challenger, even while the Suns will only have the veteran minimum to offer.

Take it away, Zack!

King’s ransom

Can Sacramento steal Dray?

During draft night, the Kings traded the 24th pick and Richon Holmes to Dallas in a partial payroll dump.

Part of said dump stash: It basically gave the Kings maximum roof space this summer. Suddenly, they are trying to rob a major free agent. It seems they have their sights set on Warriors legend and hero Draymond Green.

Green certainly had his occasional issues within the Warriors organization. But, overall, everyone out there is shining bright about the future Hall of Famer. His defense is useful, as are his playmaking (conduit for great offense) and IQ hoops (off the charts). He would make every team in the NBA more competitive.

The Kings are missing a player like Green. As good as Domantas Sabonis and Diaron Fox faced a 16-year drought in Sacramento, the team lacked defensive solidity (tied for 23rd in the defensive rankings). Green would clean everything up and be a good enough playmaker to keep things going offensively despite his and Sabonis’ shortcomings in extending the floor.

Will Green think of royalty?

  • Financial issues: Rumors of Green re-signing with the Warriors suggested a salary in the region of $25 million for a three-year contract. Could the Kings go all out for the 33-year-old by offering him the maximum four years (or at least $30 million-plus a year) if the Warriors try to skimp on the money?
  • knowledge: Mike Brown, a beloved former Warrior assistant, is the Kings’ head coach and coach of the year. Green loves and respects him. Everyone in the league is aware of the amazing job the Browns did at the heart of the Kings.
  • selfishness? Green doesn’t seem to feel the need to refute those who doubt his greatness. He couldn’t care less about people who say the system and its co-workers are the reason for its success. But maybe, at some point, he can say, “Play with this,” and go somewhere to prove that he can make them rivals.

It would also be a funny signing, considering Green stomped on Sabonis’ chest last season. But Green probably isn’t going anywhere. The Kings have the opportunity to add some pressure to these negotiations. And Green certainly isn’t quiet about wanting his paycheck. Fortunately for him, the warriors weren’t quiet about uttering what he meant to them.

WATCH: The tinker gang discusses a lady who wants Draymond Green in Portland

Trade in cookies

What sweets is equivalent to Tobias Harris?

Recently, there has been speculation about this how Tobias Harris may be available in a trade. Darryl Morey reportedly demanded a ransom in an argument with Cleveland, and Philadelphia continues to try to signal that Harris will not be traded. Or maybe it will take a lot to get it?

Harris is tired of speculation. Share his thoughts this week:

“Regular Sixers fans, they’ll trade me for a Cookie Crumbl.”

Then, he explained, should the Sixers finally trade him, “You’re not going to get a 6-foot-9 forward who can, you know, come close to shooting 40 percent from three, guard the best player on other teams, shoot, And pay off — dad, drive, play 70+ games a year.”

Hey, this sounds like a player from hell. Where can they get one of these?

Harris also hilariously responded to a fan on Twitter.

I’m not familiar with Crumbl cookies, so I looked it up. They seem to cost $4.25 for a single cookie, but you can get a discount if you buy a batch—or an entire party box. So, it got me wondering, what’s the best value Harris’ baked or packaged candy? Let’s remind them:

  • Box of Twinkies (10 count) for $3.69: It’s a great value and could survive a nuclear disaster Dessert rule: Certainly trade.
  • Stewardess Snowballs (2 Pack) for $1.68: I don’t like coconut and would rather have a unique gourmet cookie. | Dessert rule: no trade.
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes (1 count) for $5 to $6: It’s pricier than a cookie but has great flavors. | Dessert rule: Yes trade.
  • Little Debbie Honey Buns (10 pieces) for $2.79: This is an incredible value and legend in the game. | Dessert rule: Great trade for time.
  • Snack Pudding Cups (4 pieces) for $1.25: Don’t sleep on these. They are chasing loops but they are effective. | Dessert rule: commerce.

Sorry Tobias. People love pudding cups too!

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(Top photo by Draymond Green, Mike Brown: Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

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