Eagles news: Jalen Hurts joins NFL Superstar Club while Dak Prescott gets fired

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2023 NFL Superstar Club: Jalen Hurts and CeeDee Lamb join; Russell Wilson, left Dak Prescott – NFL.com
Jalen Hurts. Taking a huge leap in his third season, Hurts has become a consistent dominant of the loaded Eagles team. We don’t know if he’ll match the dizzying heights he reached in 2022, when he became the second-ever QB to record 165+ carries in a season, recording 4.6 yards per attempt and 13 (!) touchdowns on the ground (second by a QB in any NFL season). But he can do better as a passer who plays behind the elite attacking line and with playmakers around him. This was an easy decision. (…) Duck Prescott. When Prescott is playing, as he was in a win over Boston in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs this past January, he can look as good as any quarterback in football. But Prescott is no longer the new face on the block in the franchise quarterback game. He will begin his eighth season as the Cowboys’ QB1 this fall, never making the All-Pro team or helping Dallas out of the divisional round. He led the league in interceptions last season (15) despite missing five games due to injury and not showing the ability to lift a midfield support team like Rodgers and Mahomes in the world. Dak Prescott is a very good midfielder – we’ve just finished waiting for him to become a really great player.

More about Hurts – Iggles Blitz
I also think we have to give Doug Pederson a lot of credit. Sign this move and try to convince everyone of it. Pederson loved Hurts and helped develop it at the right time. Hurts has been used as a starter in the creative appearance. The results were mixed, but kudos to Doug for trying to make the most of a talented athlete. That crime needed all the help it could get. Hurts has become a much better player than I ever could have expected. There was no NFL player who was a great player for him. It reminded you a bit of Russell Wilson. Hurts wasn’t a good passer, but he was a more dynamic runner. I just don’t think Hurts had that kind of roof. Think of the way people talk about him.

Eagles Concepts: Inside the Zone – BGN
Welcome to a new series! Every year I get asked to break down some key Eagles concepts, so there you go. The running game with Jalen Hurts is one of the best the NFL has seen in recent years, so I thought I’d start by looking at the running game. Using Logan Radke’s Eagles Offensive Guide to facilitate this, I wanted to go and look at what makes the Eagles’ running game special.

Oh, There’s No One To Throw Away: A Children’s Book About San Francisco Forty Whiners – PhillyVoice
No doubt about it, the Niners are broken, but we soon learned they were going to go awry. “We lost because of the offensive shutout,” Deebo, CMac, and Shanny were crying, “Man shut the door, you’re down by three touchdowns.”

Mueller: Determining every NFC East team’s biggest concern from a GM-sports perspective
Howie Roseman is the best general manager in the league right now. And I certainly wouldn’t sit in my chair and say I have too many concerns about this team. I know Coach Nick Siriani and what makes him tick. We had some deep conversations when we were with the Chargers. He’ll find a way to keep the narrative fresh, and the team will be hungry to finish the job after coming off last year. The loss of both coordinators is a byproduct of the Eagles’ success in 2022. This forces others into roles that may require some adjustment. This can lead to a not-so-ideal start as new people design games and then contact them for the first time.

2024 NFL Draft: One Draft Every NFC Team Should Be Watching – PFF
Philadelphia Eagles. Potential 2024 needs: LB, WR, C. Player to watch: Johnny Wilson, Florida State. At the moment, Philadelphia seems to have some issues with inexperience in their central defense. The team’s success, however, will be primarily driven by Jalen Hurts and a dynamic offense. AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith are among the elite pair of receivers in the league, but there is still a little to be desired behind them. Hurts was at his best last season when he was ready to launch the deep ball. No one will give him a bigger target than 6-foot-7 out-of-state Florida monster Johnny Wilson. Wilson’s massive frame allowed him to post a 92.3 score on throws over 10 yards last season. His presence would allow Smith to move into the slot and give Philadelphia an unstoppable three-receiver look.

How the Cowboys roster compares to past Super Bowl champions – Blogging The Boys
Strong and healthy offensive line. This is probably the element that brings the Cowboys the most questions, but not because they don’t have talented players. You could argue that a combination of Tyron Smith, Tyler Smith, Tyler Biadasz, Zack Martin, and Terence Steele is one of the best top-down units in the NFL. But can this group stay healthy? Tyron Smith has missed several games every year since 2016 (although the back he struggled with prior to 2020 has apparently not been an issue in the past two years), and Terence Steele is coming off a severe knee injury. If not, they will need young players like Matt Waltzko, Matt Farniuk, Asim Richards, and others to step up and play big.

How can Giants RT Evan Neal progress in Year 2? – Big Blue View
The catchphrase this season was that since Thomas struggled as a starter before becoming one of the NFL’s best kickstarters, Neil would be fine. The other narrative is that he really is about to become a bust. In fact, gradual progression is the most likely and should be expected from Neil this year. Physical features are present. Neal has good agility and is the fifth-greatest offensive lineman in the league. Now he just needs to prove he can translate that into on-field success. We’ve only had a small sample so far: Neal played 13 games last year and looked worse after returning from a knee injury in Week 12, though he refused to use that as an excuse.

Is Washington’s tight end unit overrated or underrated? Heaven’s obsession
Logan Thomas, who has now 18 months removed from a grade 3 anterior cruciate ligament tear, is the longtime veteran among the group. In 2022, it took Thomas some time to re-acclimate to the game from a sporting point of view. In early October, he suffered a calf injury prior to Week 5, which kept him inactive until Week 8 against the Indianapolis Colts. December was much better for Thomas, although his straight-line speed became more noticeable on film, and he moved more comfortably in open space. Thomas’ biggest strength on this team is, first, his all-around hands, and second, his contested catching ability. He can also break away from covering the area, an essential trait for offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy for his tight ends.

What are the league rules about sports gambling? – ESPN
MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, and NHL have waged a nearly 10-year legal battle with New Jersey to prevent the state from legalizing sports betting, and in 2018, they lost in the US Supreme Court. The landmark decision brought sports betting to the fore and put more focus on the policies the leagues rely on as the landscape evolves. Now, with more than half of the nation offering legal betting, professional leagues and team sports are facing a new reality and a straightforward business decision about participating in a growing revenue stream that is not without risk. Just five years ago, before the Supreme Court ruling, roughly 1% of Americans lived in states with legal stakes. Now, 56% of the population reside in jurisdictions that have launched regulated sportsbooks. Results of a May survey by the American Gaming Association estimated that 39.2 million American adults had placed a traditional sports bet in the past 12 months.

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