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Nick Faldo has been one of LIV Golf’s most outspoken critics over the past year and a half. This week, six-time Belfry major champion Betfred will be hosting the British Masters.

At the event, Faldo was asked whether or not he thought LIV Golf would continue, which he reasoned would fail due to a lack of interest.

He replied, “I don’t think so, because no one really cares.” They will not get the care they want. They call it a team (event) and not because it played with strong strokes.

“You see your golf mates and they say, ‘Play well. Then you see them in the seed tent and you say, ‘What did you shoot?’ That’s it. There’s a team helping, shoulder to shoulder. This is a real team.”

“You have the ultimate team event, the Ryder Cup, you know the passion and the atmosphere of that. They don’t play with the same passion and atmosphere as the Ryder Cup. It’s only half a dozen (players) really present, half the court I don’t really know, half the court there for the very nice money in The last place you still get if you shoot 20 times.

Sir Nick’s comments did not go unnoticed by LIV golfer Graeme McDowell.

The Irishman joined the Bunkered podcast and shared his thoughts on Faldo’s criticism.

He said, “It’s a pinch of salt these days.” “I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it and I’ve read it, and listen, we know what the opinions are. Everyone has one, right?”

“Nick is there at the British Masters to protect[his event]. This is my biggest takeaway of the last 12 months. People will protect what they are going to protect at the moment.”

“I see players saying things and all they’re doing is protecting their territory. They’re protecting the runs they choose to defend. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong, or right, or whatever.

“I mean, Nick is in the British Masters and he cares about the tournament, so he wouldn’t say anything good about a world-class court at Valderrama this weekend. Of course, he wouldn’t say anything good about us. I get it.

“I am at that point where I don’t hold anything against anyone anymore because all they do is protect their land.”

McDowell said Faldo was also his hero but he “didn’t know what he was talking about”.

“Nick Faldo was my hero in the ’90s. I had many Pringle sweaters as close as I had him. He will always be a legend to me. But he wasn’t here. He didn’t go out to see this for himself. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Just come over here and have a look and see the best players in the world. There are guys out there who care a lot about this product and I can’t wait to see where they plug it in because I really think it’s going to be a part of golf in the future.”

With so many unanswered questions surrounding the PGA Tour/PIF merger, time will tell if McDowell is right.

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