You’re crazy, bro?: Pittsburgh fans swarm and lather over Mike Tomlin’s contract talk, Buccaneers trade rumors, and City Connect uniforms

Since “U mad, bro?” Last week after posting, we saw the peak of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 10-game losing streak. There’s talk of Mike Tomlin getting a contract extension from the Steelers even though he hasn’t won a playoff game since 2016. Two of the Pirates’ top players have been mentioned in trade rumours.

Oh, and the Pirates released new uniforms that look like they were an over-the-top option for the Springfield Isotopes in a lost episode of “The Simpsons.”

Needless to say, there wasn’t a swoon in June for “U mad, bro?” Another to wrap up the month.

Let’s start with a tweet about the Buccaneers from a guy who seems to have a pretty good handle on Pittsburgh’s base.

Well, sure, David. There is no offensive coordinator in baseball. What else are we supposed to do?

David sent a different email than Mike Tomlin.

Quote from Bill Parcells… “You are what your record says you are.” Period.”

Agreed, David. Now which of Tomlin’s records are we talking about? Regular season or postseason?

Are we talking about 2007-11? Or 2012-22?

Because these options end up with very different “periods”.

Mike hates pirates Zee City Connect.

Poor Nick Gonzalez. Every time he sees a picture of himself hitting his first home run, he’ll have to double-check to make sure it’s not a picture from the Arizona Beer League or something.

Steve has an opinion on Jon Morosi’s recent business reports surrounding Andrew McCutcheon and Mitch Keeler.

This guy bases his statement on what he would do or think if he were in the Pirates front office. Like everyone else’s business opinions, there’s no truth or source to any of it. He speculates to get a reaction, and everyone cares about him. He even implicates teams interested in these. Professions that have no idea what he’s talking about.

Why would he benefit from the suspicion versus any other Twitter fan? Are these the perks of being a Harvard graduate with degrees in environmental science and public policy? Do you want to work at and be an “insider?”

It is not hard to imagine either of these two trades being done by pirates. It’s really just hanging fruit to look at a declining team and see who is likely to be interested in the best, most tradable players.”

Eh, that’s only part true, Steve.

Yes, by his own admission, Morosi was playing matchmaker on his Baltimore connection with Keeler.

But, based on how he spread his information about McCutcheon and the Rangers, it was something he heard, followed up on and confirmed by (I assume) someone from Texas. Because none of it seems to be coming from Pittsburgh.

Regardless, my main takeaway is that — after a 20-8 start to the season — the national perception of the Buccaneers is that they are in sell mode.

once again.

And since that’s been the case for most of the past three decades, I’m done with it. except you

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Chuck emailed me about the Keller trade idea, too. He’s not on the plane.

The ‘sell our best pitchers’ approach started before Tellone, Cole and Musgrove…they’ve been hauling this (garbage) since the mid 90’s with Nigel and then Schmidt and Benson…and I’m sure more than that. Most of these guys had at least a good few years after they left. And whoever they traded didn’t get much in return, and that’s an issue with leads in general…they’re just prospects.

At least they kept Doug Drapek though, lol! ”

ha ha! LOL Indeed, Chuck, you made it work! (((Psst! Well, who wants to break the news that they didn’t keep Doug Drake???)))

Finally, Chad emailed me during the Buccaneers’ recent 10-game losing streak.

“It’s simple: you get what you pay for. Pirates are akin to a Stroh beer.”

Chad, I find that comparison unfair…to Stroh.

In my experience, the Stroh’s have resulted in many more positive “drafts” than the Pirates have achieved over the past 30 years.

hey ya!

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