Hey, MLB: Here’s the San Francisco Giants Team That Should Be on the 2023 Home Run Derby Invitational List

Has it already been five years since the fraternity ballot?

Hunter Pence and Derek Holland’s pitch to Brandon Belt failed to secure enough votes to secure a roster spot on the 2018 National League All-Star Game roster for several reasons:

  • Jesus Aguilar, who won the spot, had the best voting time: .306/.368/.633, 22 HR, 63 RBI vs. Belt’s .300/.393/.509, 13 HR, 42 RBI
  • Fans of the San Francisco Giants — as evidenced by the travesty of Thero Estrada, JD Davis, and Lamont Wade Jr. who received far fewer votes in the first phase of this year’s All-Star ballot than other players in their position and clearly better than them — either just don’t turn To vote or be a very young fan base in MLB’s grand scheme
  • The actual All-Star Game is a highly prestigious, highly competitive, and highly vetted game

That’s why I think the move this year is to get the Giants to take part in The Home Run Derby. It is a low priority and accessible system.

We’re fast approaching finalizing the All-Star Game rosters with a roster of entrants, as as of this morning the running tracker had only one player on the roster: Julio Rodriguez. That’s because this year’s Derby will be at Rodriguez’s home stadium, Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, which is a really terrible place for a home contest.

Major League Baseball, I know you’re reading this! I’m going to lay out why you should consider putting at least one San Francisco Giant on the Home Run Derby invite list. You’ll have a long list of players if you decline invitations, but there’s definitely a world where you can find space in a field of 8 for a single giant. Consider these worthy candidates!

Michael Comfort

Let’s start with beauty picks for the powerhouse of at-home power:

  • Longest heart rate of the year (429 ft)

  • And that’s only because (418 ft.)

His 12 home runs on the season put him in an 11-way tie for 51st on the roster, sure, but only 240 active players have pitched at T-Mobile Park and only 518 active players appear there, so we’re dealing with only 46% of the active baseball population . Conforto has hit two Home runs there, and it’s an all-way tie for 112. That’s basically 80% of active players, and look who it ties in with:

Among that 30-man list, you’d probably distill it down to the list of people you’d actually want to participate in All-Star Game festivities that aren’t the actual game:

Mookie Pets
Beau Bechet
Michael Comfort
Anthony Rizzo
Giancarlo Stanton

Conforto has more homers than Stanton and Rizzo, Fernando Tatís Jr.’s situation is precarious and like Jack Swinski he’ll likely be a protege, along with, like, Anthony Santander and Tommy Edman. Do you want a list of Derby reserve players?

Also, if we’re back at the top of the list (where Nelson Cruz leads all active players with 84 home runs at T-Mobile), filter out all the current Mariners (where they’d be represented by Julio Rodriguez) and everyone who’s currently tied or has more home runs, We only get a list of these people:

Mike Trout 33 (T-Mobile) / 17 (stream)
Cole Calhoun 11 (T-Mobile) / 12 (current)
Aaron Judge, 10 (T-Mobile) / 19 (current)
JD Martinez, 9 (T-Mobile) / 18 (Stream)
Matt Olson, 9 (T-Mobile) / 26 (Stream)
Joey Gallo 6 (T-Mobile) / 13 (Stream)
Shuhei Ohtani 6 (T-Mobile) / 28 (Stream)
salvador perez, 6 (T-Mobile) / 15 (current)
Raphael Devers, 5 (T-Mobile) / 19 (current)
Jose Ramirez, 5 (T-Mobile) / 13 (Stream)
Jordan Alvarez 3 (T-Mobile) / 17 (Stream)
Byron Buxton 3 (T-Mobile) / 13 (Stream)
Adulis Garcia, 3 (T-Mobile) / 20 (Stream)
Marty’s kettle 3 (T-Mobile) / 15 (Stream)
Max Muncey, 3 (T-Mobile) / 18 (Stream)
Jorge Soler, 3 (T-Mobile) / 21 (stream)

Now, obviously – Clearly – Conforto’s 15 board appearances in three games does not indicate that those two home runs are magic or that he sees the ball better there (especially since the two home runs came in the same game) than other players, plus his 12 home runs. It makes no sense to say that it will be better A candidate of 42 other men with him more house runs –


The league does all kinds of weird things for the sake of entertainment. Why would you, a Giants fan, or league official, want Michael Conforto over some of the others? I think the New York fans love him and it’s a good story because he’s been out for a year with an injury and now he’s back and hitting home runs.

And the!

Michael Conforto was born in Seattle. He was in the Minor League World Series with the Northwest Region. He is an all-state athlete from there.

Look, in a field of 8 with no restrictions on actors from a particular league, you’re probably looking at a closed field:

Julio Rodriguez (already committed)
Juan Soto (last year’s champion)
Alonso House (obv)
Ronald Acuna Jr. (Participated last year, has 19 this season)
Matt Olson (leads the NL with 26 HR)

And then, it gets interesting. Shohei Ohtani has not yet decided whether to participate this year after declining last year’s invitation. He leads MLB with 28 home runs. Mike Trout has never participated. Louis Robert is fourth in the MLB with 23, so if he accepts and Ohtani declines, that still leaves two spots.

Sometimes these Derbys feature one “story man”. Last year it was the crematorium of Albert Pujols. In 2021, it was Trey Mancini. You’re telling me, Major League Baseball, you don’t want that native Seattle kid to come back and hit some bad guys? He is a worthy candidate!

…and you might be on IL when the All-Star Game rolls around, so here are some other nominees…

Jock Pedersen

Yes clearly. I mean, come on, why wouldn’t you want him? Your runner-up in the 2015 and 2019 co-hosts Who achieved second place in the entire derby with

39 Zinger

He only has 8 home runs a season, sure, but his strength hasn’t diminished with age, he’s just playing on a power killing field. Having said that, look at this:

With your logicHe’s hitting the ball out of the crap. Those are the red circles of the derby man.

And to some extent about Oracle Park sucking the life out of power bats, he’s -1.8 in actual HR versus projected home runs (xHR). As of this morning, he is 8th in baseball in the xwOBA.

I mean come on. 432 feet with ease:

Laser 112 mph:

Plus, Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves fans love it—these are the essential ingredients for you! This is the exact kind you want on TV to lure casual viewers away from their devices or whatever else they were doing besides paying attention to your product:

Photo by Andy Kono/San Francisco Giants/Getty Images

Casual Twins: “Lol who?”

Twenty-two-year-old event: “Who is it this eccentric?”

Ordinary person’s mother: “this baseball player?! ”

Cerro Estrada

I don’t know what to tell you my friend! He’s the best second baseman in the National League, and he’s not on the dumb All-Star list, but guess what? His 405 home runs average is 75th in baseball, tied with Louis Robert, who has 23 home runs against Estrada’s 9, but is not second-best in the National League.

7 out of 9 dishes are what your scales call you no doubts, As is the house run in all 30 parks. Look at this list he’s on!

Look at these items!

  • 424 feet (OK, in Colorado, but that’s still 100% tow – great for T-Mobile):

  • Here’s a 422-foot 100% charged that’s not in Colorado:

  • And here is 413 feet in Oracle:

Thairo Estrada is still a tall 5-10, but he plays short on TV. Give the short kings and queens out there a killer hero.

The only time the Giants have won the Home Run Derby was in 1996, when Barry Bonds beat Mark McGwire, 17-15. Bonds got involved in 2002 and again in 2004, and then there has been no giant since.

Is it because the Giants haven’t had 30 home runs since 2004? Yes possible. But Camilo Duvall isn’t the only player deserving of a 2023 Giants All-Star; And if there is no place for any of these worthy in the game’s actual roster, the derby’s long list is a reasonable consolation.

I’ve tried to appeal to your hearts (Michael Conforto: Native Son), boss (Jock Pederson Statcast! Conforto and Pederson’s past history, current successes), banishment (Cero Estrada, simply the best) and so on if none of those force you to gamble on a giant one for a derby spot One, the only rational conclusion is that you are a complete idiot.

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