The Jordan 1 love has changed an important dynamic in the locker room since the departure of Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers’ offense is certainly going to look different with Jordan Love under the starting quarterback than it did when Aaron Rodgers was there. This was already shown for fans and the media to watch in the team’s two preseason games against the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots.

In particular, Love would use the Checkdown option more often, throwing to the running back or tight end when his receivers weren’t open in the field. In the past, Rodgers used to throw the ball out of bounds or force a punt into coverage. More often than not, those throws worked for him, especially when Davante Adams was on the team. However, it is not the wisest choice for a quarterback.

There is another (perhaps more important) way in which the team disagrees, though, with Love as the starting quarterback.

The Green Bay Packers are significantly more comfortable and having more fun with the love of Jordan than they did with Aaron Rodgers

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) and quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) take part in training camp Monday, August 8, 2022, at Ray Nitschke Stadium in Ashwabenon, Wis. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
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Last season, there was a bombshell report he posted the athlete which details the struggles young players, especially wide receivers and other offensive skill players, faced when trying to cultivate chemistry with Rodgers. Of course, Rodgers refused to report to the team until training camp in each of his last two seasons in Green Bay. The effects of this lack of familiarity with his receivers were fully demonstrated last season.

In the article, former Packers wide receiver Sammy Watkins was asked how hard it was to work with or learn from Rodgers because of his behavior (he would yell at them if they made a mistake). Watkins is quoted as saying:

“If you’re not up to date 100 percent of the time, you pretty much can’t go out and make plays,” Watkins said. “You can’t play really fast, and I think that’s how young people feel – they’re not afraid – but if you’re just trying to do the right thing, you’re not focused on opening up, you’re not focused on releases.”

One of the main stories from the article was Rodgers’ infamous use of hand signals and how he refused to teach them to young pass catchers. He would expect them to pick it up and/or learn it from another veteran. He was brutally hard on them and didn’t always give them the encouragement or lesson they needed.

One former Packers player discussed Christian Watson and how his touchdown affected him in Week 1 against the Vikings:

“He’s lost his confidence a little bit, you can see in practice and in the following matches,” said Baer. And I think it’s hard to get your confidence back. He’s done it a million times and that’s why he got recruited where he did. … You’re thinking, ‘Oh, I left Aaron Rodgers, he wouldn’t trust me.'”

In other words, it was a culture that was not conducive to having fun or playing freely. The young players were so concerned about the future quarterback’s discontent with the Hall of Fame that it negatively affected his playing there.

Things have definitely changed with the love of Jordan. Many Packers fans and members of the media took to social media to express how much they lost and how much fun this team is having with Love under center instead of Rodgers. For example, Wendell Ferreira from area coverage male:

It’s not hard to see that Love created this environment on purpose. Immediately after Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets, he reunited with veteran running back Aaron Jones to begin working on workouts and playing together in California. There were at least two other instances throughout the offseason where Love invited his teammates back to California to continue working and build up their chemistry.

Another great example of how the environment changes last night can be seen at the beginning of the game. During the first series, quarterback Josh Meyers prematurely cut the ball. It sailed over Love’s head and the Patriots recovered it near the end zone.

Love did not blink. He did not yell at Myers on the sidelines. He did not throw him from under the bus to the media. He just came out and did his job.

When players made mistakes when Rodgers was the starting quarterback, he would often yell at them on the field. Even the great Davante Adams was spared from Rodgers’ occasional field lectures.

Too often, we forget that soccer players are people who have the same feelings as everyone else. How many people would thrive in a work environment where they were under constant worry of being yelled at by their boss or co-worker. This is not a healthy work environment.

One might hesitate to call the environment created by love “relaxing” because it is certainly not relaxing. They do a great deal of hard work. Alternatively, one could describe the environment as productive and welcoming. Nobody feels like their leader is going to throw them under the bus.

While this may not appear on the stat sheet, it is a very important difference, one that could even lead to more wins in 2023.

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