Single-lap qualifying is proposed to solve F1 traffic issues

A number of senior drivers have suggested that single-lap qualifying could be reintroduced to solve the traffic problem and handicap of the short Grand Prix tracks. The Canadian Grand Prix saw several handicap investigations, with Carlos Sainz receiving a grid penalty for running into Pierre Gasly’s path at the end of the lap. The main … Read more

Lance Stroll: I need to improve, but the 2023 results are misleading so far

Nate SaundersEditor-in-Chief, F1Jun 29, 2023 12:37 p.m. ET3 minutes to read How a sprint race changes the dynamic of a Formula One weekend Lawrence Edmundson discusses changes to teams and drivers for this weekend’s sprint race. SPIELBERG, Austria – Lance Stroll has acknowledged the need to raise his level to match his Aston Martin teammate … Read more

Ocon is inspired by Reynolds, excited about investing in the Alps

Nate SaundersEditor-in-Chief, F1June 29, 2023, 12:08 p.m. ET3 minutes to read Don’t expect a docu-series with Reynolds and McElhenney investing in the Alps Lawrence Edmundson talks about Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney’s investment in Alpine. SPIELBERG, Austria – Esteban Ocon believes a $218 million investment in Alpine by a group of investors including Hollywood actor … Read more

The FIA ​​is amending the rules for qualifying tires for the Formula 1 race to avoid farce

The FIA ​​has amended the regulations for qualifying tires for the Formula 1 race to avoid the “unintended consequences” that appeared in Baku at the first event held under the 2023 rules. The change means teams will no longer pursue intelligent tire strategies that could see them using intermediate tires in a dry session. As … Read more