“From there it all grew” – Chief of Staff HMS Paris put his heart out as he charted his life’s course

When we look at the most successful people on the planet, we cannot ignore their accomplishments. We rarely acknowledge the fact that they were once people nobody knew who had to struggle every day to get there. Needless to say, they also have their share of heartbreaks, frustrations, failures, and setbacks. However, it is their … Read more

Maria Eddy’s monumental moments, new and old

Mariah Ede’s best Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series of the season finished fifth at Millbridge Speedway. (Photo by Paul Arch) If midget driver Maria Eddy had to define a landmark moment in her career, it would be her source when she was racing outlaw karts at California’s Cycleland Speedway in 2019. Throughout the season, Eddie battled … Read more

NASCAR racing does not fill Chicago hotels

CHICAGO, IL – JULY 19: Bubba Wallace drives down Columbus Drive to promote a NASCAR Chicago Street Race ad on July 19, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) CHICAGO – Kyle Bush is not Taylor Swift. While the singing sensation is credited with helping fill nearly 97% of Chicago hotel rooms during … Read more

She goes, ‘You’re crazy.'” Dale Earnhardt, Jr. recalls the time he “scared the heck out” of his wife Amy Earnhardt

During the latest episode of the Dale Jr Download podcast, former Hendrick Motorsports driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. , a story that deviated from the usual expectations one might have when riding with one of NASCAR’s former top drivers. The incident involved a passenger who unexpectedly panicked during his flight, and interestingly enough, that passenger was … Read more

‘It’s what he likes’ – Tony Stewart’s anti-nepotism statement shouldn’t come as a surprise per Brett Griffin

Whether it’s the sport of Formula 1, IndyCar or NASCAR, the existence of “pay drivers” – those who use their financial backing to secure a spot on the top teams – is nothing new. However, Tony Stewart’s recent statement that he will not be hiring any “paid drivers” for his team may raise some eyebrows. … Read more

NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson’s in-laws and nephew have been found dead in a murder-suicide. What happened?

Subscribe to the evening email address to receive your daily guide to the latest news Sign up for free usa evening address email The motorsports community in the United States is in mourning after NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson’s in-laws and nephew were found shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Police suspect Johnson’s … Read more

‘We got a kick for us’ – Kyle Busch reveals what prompted him after he was ripped off by NASCAR teammate Kevin Harvick

Although the Cup Series is officially NASCAR’s top-tier promotion with super competitive drivers and teams, the lower divisions in the organization’s feed system actually carry their value in bringing promising young talent up front after working their way up to the top division. And speaking of raising the bar for young drivers, Kyle Busch Motorsports … Read more