The Jordan 1 love has changed an important dynamic in the locker room since the departure of Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers’ offense is certainly going to look different with Jordan Love under the starting quarterback than it did when Aaron Rodgers was there. This was already shown for fans and the media to watch in the team’s two preseason games against the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots. In particular, Love would … Read more

Ryan Mallett’s ex-wife says her heart breaks for everyone after the drowning death of a former NFL player

Police confirmed Tuesday night that Mallet drowned while swimming at Destin, Florida Beach Ryan Mallett’s ex-wife Tiffany Seeley has spoken out after the former NFL player tragically died in a drowning accident on Tuesday. Seely, who was married to 35-year-old Mallett for only four months in 2020 according to Outkick, thanked everyone who offered condolences … Read more

NFL suspends 3 players indefinitely, fourth gets 6 games for violating gambling policy

INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL suspended three players indefinitely Thursday for violating the league’s gambling policy and sidelined a fourth player for six games. Cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr. , a prospective starter for the Indianapolis Colts, and fellow freshman Rashod Berry, a backup defensive end, both received indefinite suspensions and were subsequently waived by the team. … Read more

NFL suspends four players for gambling violations

ESPNJune 29, 2023, 12:40 p.m. ET4 minutes to read Isaiah Rodgers and Rashod Perry of the Indianapolis Colts and free agent Demetrius Taylor have been suspended indefinitely — through at least the 2023 season — for betting on NFL games last season. Additionally, Tennessee Titans offense frontman Nicholas Petit-Farre was suspended six games for betting … Read more

You’re crazy, bro?: Pittsburgh fans swarm and lather over Mike Tomlin’s contract talk, Buccaneers trade rumors, and City Connect uniforms

Since “U mad, bro?” Last week after posting, we saw the peak of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 10-game losing streak. There’s talk of Mike Tomlin getting a contract extension from the Steelers even though he hasn’t won a playoff game since 2016. Two of the Pirates’ top players have been mentioned in trade rumours. Oh, and … Read more